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General English for University Asst Exam

General English is an important part of University Asst examination. Study meanings, spellings, grammar, usage , pro-nouns, Correct usage of Articles – Prepositions – Direct and Indirect Speech – Active and passive Voice – Correction in Sentences – Grammar – Agreement of Subject and Verb – Confusing Adjectives and Adverbs – Comparison of Adjectives – Vocabulary – Gender – Singular and Plural – Synonyms – Antonyms – One word Substitute – Problem Concerning Words – Idioms and their Meanings- etc and its right usage to be familiar with English language to get maximum marks. Try MOCK EXAM in this platform to evaluate your test writing capacity.


1.Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the word ‘ANCESTORS’:

(a) Extinct tribes

(b) Relatives

(c) Forefathers

(d) Old people

Answer : c

2.Choose the correct form:

(a) Aligattor

(b) Alligattor

(c) Alligator

(d) Aligator

Answer : c

3.Which of the collective nouns is not correct

(a) Loaf of bread

(b) File of papers

(c) Fleet of ships

(d) Bunch of pig

Answer : d

4.‘Bolt from the blue’ means:

(a) Colourful dress

(b) Sudden shock or surprise

(c) A gift

(d) To win a bet

Answer : b

5.A person blamed for a problem:

(a) Quack

(b) Moron

(c) Scapegoat

(d)  Spinster

Answer : c

6.As the ____of four children, he suddenly became the family cook.

(a) eldest

(b) older

(c) elder

(d) oldest

Answer : a

7.In recent times, the number of smokers ____ declining.


(b) are

(c) have

(d) has

Answer : a

8.Which is correctly spelt?

(a) Exstacy


(c) Ecstasy

(d)  Ecstazy

Answer : c

9.‘Nefarious’ means:

(a) Glorious

(b) Wicked

(c) Aristocratic

(d) Dramatic

Answer : b

  1. The soldier died ___ several wounds.


(b) from

(c) into

(d) through

Answer b

  1. ‘En route’ means:


(b) As a whole

(c) On the way to

(d) In a body

Answer : c

  1. Farming is vocation. ‘Vocation’ means:

(a) Hobby

(b) Ambition

(c) Passion

(d) Occupation

Answer : d

  1. Dried food, hay, etc for horses and farm animals is referred to as:

(a) Fodder

(b) Salad

(c) Folder

(d) Stable

Answer : a

  1. Sign ___ this paper.

(a) in

(b) on

(c) at

(d) No preposition needed

Answer : d

  1. The idiom ‘lose heart’ means:

(a) break one’s heart

(b) lose hope

(c) fall in love

(d) weep

Answer : b

  1. Admitting a person to the citizenship of a state to which he does not belong:

(a) Alienation

(b) Deprivation

(c) Naturalisation

(d) Termination

Answer : c

  1. The baby loves ____ toys.

(a) his

b) her

(c) one’s

(d) its

Answer : d

  1. You are placed under suspension untill ____ orders.

(a) farther

(b) future

(c) further

(d) next

Answer : c

19. Hari’s house is bigger than ____

(a) my

(b) their

(c) our

(d) yours

Answer : d

  1. Pick the correctly spelt word:


(b) Cannebelism

(c) Cannebillism

(d) Cannibalism

Answer :  d

21.The police tried ___ to catch the thief.

(a) hardly

(b) hard

(c) harder

(d) hardest

Answer : b

  1. I am sorry, I ___ you.

(a) disagree to

(b) am disagree

(c) disagree

(d) disagree with

Answer : d

  1. Which of these words wrongly spetlt?

(a) Nineteenth

(b) Ninetieth

(c) Ninety

(d) Nineth

Answer : d

24.The sound made by doves:

(a) Coo

(b) Quack

(c) Cluck

(d) Grunt

Answer : a

25.I understand ____ you want to learn English.

(a) but

(b) that

(c) because

(d) however

Answer : b

  1. One of my brothers is _____ minister.

(a) have

(b) are

(c) is

(d) has

Answer : c

27.I wish I _____ for the job.

(a) had applied

(b) applied

(c) have applied

(d) apply

Answer : a

28.Which is opposite in meaning to ‘Fidelity’?

(a) Disloyalty

(b) Diligent

(c) Sincerity

(d) Freud

Answer : a

29.‘Red-letter day’ means:

(a) Holiday

(b) A special day

(c) A day on which accident happened

(d) Independence day

Answer : b

30.In which part of the sentence is the is take?

(a) Everyone/

(b)of my friends/


(d) a car.

Answer : c

31.Give one word for ‘non professional or unpaid’:

(a) Stoic

(b) Amateur

(c) Alma mater

(d)  Taciturn

Answer : b

32.Select the correctly spelt word:

(a) Eroneous

(b) Erronius

(c) Erroneous

(d) Erraneous

Answer : c

33.When I first met him, he _____ in a hotel.

(a) had been working

(b) has been working

(c) was working

(d) worked

Answer : c

34.‘To end in fiasco’ means:

(a) Complete success

(b) Complete failure

(c) Complete blunder

(d) Highly profitable

Answer : b

  1. ‘I bought a book’ is the active form of:

(a) A book was bought by me

(b) I was bought by a book

(c) A book has been bought

(d) A book was bought by me

Answer : d

  1. The idiom ‘steal the show’ means:

(a) to conceal something

(b) to go unnoticed

(c) to become successful

(d) to get the attention

Answer : d

  1. My friend turned a deaf ear to my tale of loss and refused to help me ( Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase underlined)

(a) Paid no heed

(b) Went faraway

(c) Listened carefully

(d) Turned his ear away

Answer : a

  1. Dr. Sharma concluded his speech _____ stressing Buddha’s teachings on importance of charity.

(a) by

(b) with

(c) at

(d) in

Answer : a

  1. ____the traffic was bad, I arrived on time.

(a) Though

(b) Because

(c) As soon as

(d) Neither

Answer : a

40.He has given up his VICIOUS habits (Select the antonym of the word given in CAPITAL letters)

(a) Godly

(b) Virtuous

(c) Sublime

(d) Friendly

Answer : b

  1. She ___ tomorrow to attend the wedding (Modal verb):

(a) will come

(b) comes

(c) seems to come

(d) just comes

Answer : a

  1. It is a ____ to meet you.

(a) pleasure

(b) pleasing

(c) please

(d) pleasurable

Answer : a

43.The meaning of ‘foe’ is:

(a) Friend

(b) Enemy

(c) Partner

(d) Neighbour

Answer : b

44.I am ____ of success this time.

(a) confidant

(b) confident

(c) confiding

(d) contriving

Answer : b

45.Agriculture has ____ most prominent place in Indian economy.

(a) a

(b) an

(c) the

(d) no article

Answer : c

46.An ____ designs the plans of buildings.

(a) artist

(b) artisan

(c) archaeologist

(d) architect

Answer : d

  1. I ____all the books to the library last week.

(a) have returned

(b) had returned

(c) returned

(d)  was returning

Answer : (c)

  1. ‘Perseverance’ means:

(a) Steady effort

(b) Ability of vision

(c) Tendency to be flexible

(d) None of the above

Answer :  (a)

  1. Web is to Spider as ____ is to Tiger.

(a) Forest

(b) Lair

(c) Zoo

(d) Hive

Answer :  (b)

  1. Suma spends _____ weekends at a holiday resort:

(a) alternatively

(b) alternately

(c) alternative

(d) alternate

Answer : (d)


  • Prof: Ramachandran Nair KP