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General English

This General English Q & A is prepared based on Kerala PSC exam syllabus and previous question papers.
Q & A will be useful for aspirants who are appearing for Kerala PSC exams.
From the questions below, please choose the best option to complete the sentence or conversation. Test your English.

1. Which is the correct sentence?
(A) Wait here until he comes
(B Wait here until he does not come
(C) Wait here until he does not comes
(D) Wait here until he come
Ans: (A)

2. The antonym of the word sovereign is :
(A) monarch (B) autocrat
(C) supreme (D) subordinate
Ans: (D)

3. The young one of a deer is called :
(A) foal (B) fawn
(C) calf (D) kid
Ans: (B)

4. Complete the following sentence with the
correct word: The cat ran and ……….the rat.
(A) ceased (B ) sized
(C) caused (D) seized
Ans: (D)

5. Fill in the blank with a suitable question
tag I am healthy ……………..?
(A) amn’t l? (B) are I?
(C) aren t? (D) am I?
Ans: (C)

6. Change into past perfect tense : He hires
a boat.
(A) He has hired a boat
(B) He had hired a boat
(C) He had been hired a boat
(D) He had been hiring a boat
Ans: (B)

7. Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb :
For him ……………..back was unthinkable.
(A) to sail (B) sail
(C) sailing (D) sailed
Ans: (A)

8. Fill in the blank with suitable modals :
“We …………….. not use the telephone after the storm.
(A) should (B) might
(C) would (D) could
Ans: (D)

9. Select the word similar in meaning to the word SERENE:
(A) meak (B) calm
(C) feeble (D) solemn
Ans: (B)

10. Change the following sentence into indirect speech : She said, Are you ready?
(A) She said that whether I am ready
(B) She asked that whether I was ready
(C) She asked/whether I was ready
(D)She asked whether I am ready
Ans: (C)

11. Choose the correclty spelt word
(A) enemity (B) enmity
(C) enimity (D) enemety
Ans: (B)

12. Give one word for – A Person who is bad in spelling
(A) Cacographist (B) Lexicographer
(C) calliographist (D) Bibliophile
Ans: (A)

13. The idiom ‘dog’s life’ means
(A) a happy life (B) a free life
(C) a miserable life (D) an easy life
Ans: (C)

14. Use proper question tag:
None of us knew the way, …………?
(A) don’t we (B) didn’t we
(C) do we (D) did we
Ans: (D)

15. Use suitable form of the word:
He turned ………..
(A) quickly (B) quick
(C) quicker (D) quickest
Ans: (A)

16. Complete the following sentence with suitable
form of verb in bracket:
If you had told me, I ………….. (help) you
(A) helped (B) will help
(C) have helped (D) would have helped
Ans: (D)

17. Fill in the blanks suitably:
Raju said that they………….. the bag
(A) will bring (B) bring
(C) would bring (D) brings
Ans: (C)

18. He ate an Orange. Begin with an Orange
An Orange ……………..
(A) ate by him (B) is eating by him
(C) had eaten by him (D) was eaten by him
Ans: (D)

19. Fill in the blanks with suitable word.
Everest is the …………….. mountain peak in the world
(A) high (B) higher
(C) highest (D) none of the above
Ans: (C)

20. Use suitable form of the verb in bracket : An honest man never ……… (tell) lies
(A) tells (B) telling
(C) have told (D) told
Ans: (A)

21. Plural form of larva is
(A) Larvi (B) larvas
(C) Larvae (D) larven
Ans: (C)

22. Find out the antonym of the underlined word Your luggage is heavy whereas mine is :
(A) light (B) small
(C) soft (D) thin
Ans: (A)

23. Find out the synonym of the underlined word Ganges is a holy river
(A) divine (B) pure
(C) big (D) sacred
Ans: (D)

24. Feminine gender of Fox is:
(A) Foxess (B) Vixen
(C) Foxen (D) None of the above
Ans: (B)

25. The cow is grazing ………….. the farm
(A) on (B) in
(C) at (D) of

Ans: (A)

26. The idiom ‘par excellence’ means ……..
(A) far below (B) average
(C) above average (D) above all

Ans: (D)

27. Birds of the same feather……
(A) fly together (B) nest together
(C) flock together (D) feed together

Ans: (C)

28. Every adult has the right to marry, …………..? Add proper tag question
(A) hasn’t they (B) haven’t they
(C) has they (D) have they
Ans: (B)

29. Meaning of the word ‘epilogue’
(A) opening section (B) middle section
(C) closing section (D) all sections
Ans: (C)

30. Have you read ‘othello’? The teacher asked the students. The reported form is
(A) The teacher asked the students had they read ‘Othello’
(B) The teacher asked the students have they read ‘Othello’
(C) The teacher asked the students whether they had read ‘Othello’
(D) The teacher asked the students whether they have read ‘Othello’
Ans: (C)

31. She stood on tip – toe . She plucked the flowers. The simple sentence of these sentences is
(A) she stood on tip toe and plucked flowers
(B) standing on tip toe she plucked the flowers
(C) As soon as she stood on tip toe she plucked flowers
(D) While she stood on tip toe, she plucked the flowers
Ans: (B)

32. If he had been better educated, he ………. become a great man
(A) will (B) would
(C) would have been (D) would have
Ans: (D)

33. The feminine gender of ‘lad; is
(A) lady (B) lass
(C) lazy (D) lase
Ans: (B)

34. she made me ……………
(A) to sit down (B) sitting down
(C) sit down (D) sat down
Ans: (C)

35. When I reached there, they ………..
(A) have gone (B) had gone
(C) have been gone (D) had been gone
Ans: (B)

36. Your boss would consider you, if……….
(A) you were punctual (B) you are punctual
(C) you had been punctual (D) you have been punctual
Ans: (A)

37. He produced Medical Certificate to abstain ………. duties.
(A) on (B) of
(C) from (D) in
Ans: (C)

38.I feel——about what happened.
D:None of the above

39. ……………….. you go, please let me know
(A) Whoever (B) Whatever
(C) Where (D) Wherever
Ans: (D)

40. The passive form of “They have arrested the thief” is
(A) The thief was arrested by them
(B) The thief has been arrested by them
(C) The thief have been arrested by them
(D) The thief had been arrested by them
Ans: (B)

41. The doctors could …………. the problem easily
(A) identificate (B) identicate
(C) identification (D) identify
Ans: (D)

42. The Plural form of alumna is ……………
(A) alumnae (B) alumni
(C) alumnas (D) alumnaes
Ans: (A)

43. The synonym for “chide” is………..
(A) mock at (B) cheat
(C) scold (D) scare
Ans: (C)

44. Find out the correct spelling
(A) bureoucracy (B) boureaucracy
(C) buroecracy (D) bureaucracy
Ans: (D)

45. The new M.P. ………………. the Prime Minister yesterday
(A) called on (B) got on
(C) called at (D) got at
Ans: (A)

46. This is the book ……………. I bought yesterday
(A) Who (B) Whom
(C) Where (D) Which
Ans: (D)

47. Choose the compound word from the words given below
(A) Teacher (B) Classroom
(C) Put on (D) Adverb
Ans: (B)

48. Find out the odd word from the words given below:
(A) Gifted (B) Learned
(C) Wretched (D) seed
Ans: (D)

49. Which is the correct spelt word?
(A) Colnel (B) Cernel
(C) Cholonel (D) Colonel
Ans: (D)

50. Which is a collective noun?
(A) Strength (B) Sight
(C) Team (D)Table

Ans: (C)

Compiled by: Rishi P Rajan

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