General English for ALL PSC Exams

This general english Q&A is prepared based on Kerala PSC exam syllabus and previous question papers.
Q&A will be useful for aspirants who are appearing for Kerala PSC and other exams.
From the questions below, please choose the best option to complete the sentence or conversation. Test your English.
1. I will find you …………. you hide
(A) where (B) wherever
(C) whenever (D) whichever
Ans: (b)
2. The singular form of ‘data’ is
(A) data (B) datum
(C) datas (D) datases
Ans: (b)
3. Would you mind ………………… the window
(A) closes (B) closed
(C) closing (D) is closed
Ans: (c)

4. Fill in the blanks with suitable verb form:
They ………. to the market
(A) goes (B) go
(C) going (D) gone
Ans: (b)

5. The phrasal verb ‘look down upon’ means
(A) treat carefully

(B) treat with contempt
(C) treat royally
(D) treat happily
Ans: (b)

6. Find out the phrase suitable to the underlined word:
I can’t understand what he is saying
(A) make up for (B) make good
(C) keep up (D) make out
Ans: (d)

7. Find out one word for the following:
Study of Skin
(A) Pathology (B) Prenology
(C) Entomology (D) Dermatology
Ans: (d)

8. Give one word for ”cause to feel shame”
(A) Purify (B) Mortify
(C) Sterile (D) Muting
Ans:  (b)

9. The antonym of ‘fortune’ is
(A) unfortune (B) misfortune
(C) disfortune (D) enfortune
Ans: (b)

10. The feminine gender of ‘milkman’ is
(A) Milkwoman (B) Milklady
(C) Milkmaid (D) Milkgirl
Ans: (c)

11. Fill in the blanks with proper preposition:
He pointed ………… the tree
(A) in (B) on
(C) at (D) up
Ans: (c)

12. Fill in the blanks with correct pronoun:
I know the girl…………. has topped in the examination
(A) what (B) whose
(C) which (D) who
Ans: (d)

13. Everybody wants to be happy, …………?
(A) don’t they (B) doesn’t they
(C) do they (D) does they
Ans: (a)

14. He is benevolent though his father is ……………….
(A) bonafide (B) beneficial
(C) malevolent (D) delegent
Ans: (c)

15. He ”always makes castle in the air” means:
(A) He used to make castles
(B) He would dream of making castles in the air
(C) He often dreams of things to be done in the air
(D) He often dreams of things impossible to happen
Ans: (d)

16. Neither he nor his friend ……………. arrived
(A) is (B) has
(C) have (D) was
Ans: (b)

17 Mary, ……… I met yesterday, called me back
(A) who (B) whose
(C) which (D) whom
Ans: (d)

18. The puppy_______I rescued was a black one.
(A) who (B) which
(C) whom (D) what
Ans: (B)

19. Rickets_______a deficiency disease.
(A) are (B) have
(C) is D) has
Ans: (C)

20. The thief is arrested from the _______ house of the street.
(A) last (B) latter
(C) later (D) latest
Ans: (A)

21. _____ iron is a useful metal.
(A) A (B) An
(C) No article (D) The
Ans: (C)

22. I am a little nervous, _______ ?
(A) am I (B) are I
(C) amn’t I (D) aren’t I
Ans: (D)

23.When I reached the park, my friend____.
(A) is leaving (B) leaves
(C) had left (D) left
Ans: (C)

24. Most girls _______afraid of cockroaches.
(A) have (B) are
(C) is (D) has
Ans: (B)

25. I met Seetha who is senior _______ me.
(A) than (B) of
(C) to (D) with
Ans: (C)

26. Meenu said, “My mother sang well” . (Change into indirect speech)
(A) Meenu said that her mother sang well
(B) Meenu said that her mother had sang well
(C) Meenu said that her mother has sung well
(D) Meenu said that her mother had sung well
Ans: (D)

27. Who wrote the answer ? (Change into passive voice)
(A) By whom the answer was written ?
(B) Who was written the answer ?
(C) The answer was written by whom ?
(D) Who had written the answer ?
Ans: (A)

28. One of the following words does not belong to the set – Aunt, Poetess, Priest, Madam
(A) Aunt (B) Priest
(C) Poetess (D) Madam
Ans: (B)

29. I stood by him through thick and thin. (Meaning close to the idiom underlined)
(A) under certain conditions
(B) under all conditions
(C) without any preparation
(D without any hesitation
Ans: (B)

30. The mis-spelt word among the following :
(A) Queue (B)Vacuum
(C) Diary (D) Secretery
Ans: (D)

31. He is an_______in his profession.
(A) adopt (B) adapt
(C) adept (D) accomplish
Ans: (C)

32. Write one word for the following :
One who hates women.
(A) misogynist (B) misanthrope
(C) feminist (D) pessimist
Ans: (A)

33. The meaning of status quo :
(A) the existing condition (B) responsibility
(C) experience (D) ability to lead
Ans: (A)

34. They cannot_______the fire.
(A) put in (B) put off
(C) put away (D) put out
Ans: (D)

35. The synonym of the word `frivolous’:
(A) sensible (B) silly
(C) grave (D) faithfull
Ans: (B)

36. The antonym of the word scarcity :
(A) sparseness (B) rare
(C) copiousness (D) dearth
Ans: (C)

37. Which of the following is not a compound word :
(A) nobody (B) meagre
(C) beeline (D) football
Ans: (B)

38. Find out the one word for the following :
“Murder of a King” .
(A) Regicide (B) Genocide
(C) Patricide (D) Assassination
Ans: (A)

39. Fill in the blank with a suitable phrasal verb :
Quinine is……………..the bark of a plant called Synchona.
(A) made of (B) made by
(C) made with (D) made from
Ans: (D)

40. Pick out the correct relative pronoun from the following :
The man….. …….came yesterday was her uncle.
(A) which (B) who
(C) whom (D) that
Ans: (B)

41. Change the voice : “The fan is rotated by an engine”
(A) An engine rotates the fan
(B) An engine was rotated the fan
(C) An engine is rotated the fan
(D) An engine has rotated the fan
Ans: (A)

42. Use the correct article in the blank space : The Ganga is……………..sacred river.
(A) the (B) an
(C) a (D)no need of article
Ans: (C)

43. Fill in the blank with the correct preposition : “Do not laugh……………..the poor
(A) to (B) at
(C) on (D) in
Ans: (B)

44. Pick out the correctly spelt word :
(A) Travalogue (B)Travlogue
(C) Travologue (C) Travelogue
Ans: (D)

45. Fill in the blank with the correct form of the adjective: A propeller is a kind of fan
with two or…………….. blades.
(A) more (B) much
(C) most (D) much more
Ans: (A)

46. Give the plural form of the word tea:
(A) tea (B) ties
(C) teas (D) tees
Ans: (C)

47. I want to meet the artist ………..has painted this pictures.

48. She did not smile —— I apologized

49. We resumed the game ——–it stopped raining.
C:As soon as

50:The opposite of optimistic is

– Rishi P Rajan