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How to Study and Memorize Easily

Majority of the people have a problem with remembering things when it comes to the matter of studying:
Here are eight tips that you could use for memorizing any topic that you are studying.

1. Read out loud – Everyone likes to do mind reading as it gives a sense of silence and focus on what is been read. But studies had proved that reading out loud stimulates your brain more as you speak and listen.

2. Highlight – When you plan to learn something, don’t try to memorize while reading. Just read the topic and highlight the core things of the subject. This would give you a basic idea of what are you up to learn.

3. Ask why – After you read the topic, try to ‘ask why’ this could help you to fill the blanks and also help you to connect the information that you might have learnt before.

4. Be your teacher – Once you had learnt something, try to explain it in your own words, this would help you to know your weakness in the topic and pave the way to return to the topic for more understanding.

5. Use Mnemonics – This very old method to learn a list of words. The first alphabets of every word in the list are used to form an acronym or memorable phrases. This could help to remember it later on.

6. Make mind Palace – Mind palace is a widely used technique for remembering anything you want. All you need is your imagination for this. Think about the room you have, let it be your dining, living or bedroom. Standing at the entrance of the room, try to number the things which are in your room. Now try to associate the things which you want to remember the numbered items. For example, if you are thinking about the great Mahatma Gandhi, we could make an image of an Indian rupee which has the picture of Mahatma Gandhi, lying on the table, otherwise, we could think about a picture of Mahatma hanging on the wall.

7. Give breaks – Taking break in-between studies is a very effective way of learning. This helps the brain to refresh and memorize the things learnt. Always take a break after every 25 to 50 mins of learning. And the break time should not exceed 10 mins. The 10 mins could be used for stretching yourself, to walk around the room and anything that could refresh your mind.

8. Revise: Everything that is learnt is stored as memory which is kept in the brain according to our usage. The memory which is used regularly is stored as Long-term and the one which is rarely used is stored in your brain as Short-term memory; which is forgotten easily. So if you want anything to be remembered for a long-term use, it has to be used intermittently. The most effective way of storing something in long-term memory is by forcing the brain to do so, that is by revising it. So after the initial study of the material, it should be revised after 24 hrs, and then after one week, thereafter one month.
Through this way you could force your brain to store anything into your long-term memory.

Rishi P Rajan