We are in media business since 1980s in India. , Middle East and UK. Entered in to publishing business in 1983 with a takeover from Malayalanadu Publications’, ‘Madhuram’ weekly.
Introduced the concept of utility publishing in South India with ’Career Magazine’ in 1984.
April2014As the first career guidance and educational publication in South India, it is a trend-setter for specialized publications in South India.  Also published ‘Career Magazine’ English Eedition in India and Middle East. Introduced first matrimony guidance  magazine ‘Swayamvaram’ in 1993.

Rajan P Thodiyoor, the visionary entrepreneur and media expert introduced certain ‘firsts’ in the print, visual and IT business domain.For the last thirty years we are publishing Career Magazine Malayalam and English editions to give proper career guidance for students and jobseekers. Ours is a newspaper registered with Registrar of Newspapers for India. It is a trendsetter in Malayalam publishing and a publication approved by Government of Kerala for all educational Institutions in the state. We are also doing Information Technology Enabled Service business. <www.personalitytoday.com> is an online personality development project with the support of US companies viz, Success Foundation Inc., Creative Services Inc., ARC worldwide, ORA Inc. etc. Career guidance and personality development projects are getting more acceptances among students and parents. The Employment Exchange UK ( www.theemploymentexchangeuk.com ) is an initiative of Career Communications in association with My UK Network Ltd, Durham United Kingdom.


April2014‘Career Magazine’ is a trend- setter in South Indian publishing industry. It is the premier career guidance publication in Malayalam. Malayalam is the regional language of Kerala, a state in Indian sub continent. For the last twenty nine years we are publishing Malayalam and English editions of Career Magazine to give proper career guidance for students and job seekers in India, Middle East and Lebanon.


Malayalam is the regional language of Kerala.

Kerala is a small state tucked away in the south west corner of India. It has an area of 38,863 sq.km which represents only 1.18 percent of the total landed area of India. But it supports a population of 3,33,87,677 which is 3.44 percent of the total population of the country.

Kerala is the most densely populated state in India with a density of 747 percent of the total population of the country. The literacy rate in Kerala is the highest in India (93.91%) nearly double the Indian average. Kerala’s culture has been an integral part of the mainstream of Indian culture.

History of Malayalam journalism dates back to eighteen forties. Journals and periodicals were first started by Christian Missionaries and their contribution to the development of Malayalam prose and the promotion of journalism had been quite considerable.

The first vernacular Magazine published from Kerala (Rajyasamacharam) is edited by famous German scholar Dr.Herman Gundart in 1847. After that more than 5000 periodicals were published in various categories from our state.

But the first career-educational magazine came out only in 1984. (After a period of 137 years!) That is CAREER MAGAZINE. (Ref. PRESS IN INDIA. Publication Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Govt. of India. Page 421/598. Career Magazine 36216/84 Education)