Career Magazine is committed to support everyone to the edge when make career decisions; by giving guidelines and confidence in choices and a plan to move ahead.

We work with people of all ages, from high school students through adult career changers. Helping them understand and manage career decisions is our mission.


Whether a student, the parent of a student or someone thinking about a new career – Career Magazine will help them to find opportunities to make the very best career decisions and achieves success as well as satisfaction.

  • CAREER MAGAZINE – Total media package for career guidance and education support
  • CAREER MAGAZINE – Monthly ( A glossy magazine in Dummy ¼ size for students and job seekers to get career guidance and education support. )
  • CAREER MAGAZINE – Weekly Newspaper ( A newspaper size weekly for job seekers. )
  • – An online magazine with daily updates targeting job-seekers worldwide.
  • CAREER MAGAZINE – Career and education directory Annual
  • CAREER TIME – 30 mts TV program in Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu channels.
  • CAREER TV – A full-fledged TV Channel for students and Job seekers
  • Total media package for career guidance & education support at a glance
  • To publish national level new generation career guidance publication, CAREER MAGAZINE from this part of the world.
  • To develop a high profile marketable online magazine, that provides a high return on investment.
  • To reach markets that cross education industry and employment segments, through print, IT and visual media.
  • To translate the product and distribute online and offline products for revenue from global market.
  • To develop the job portal <> for millions of Indian job seekers.
  • To make the media house a million $ company with novel concepts.