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Program yourself for unlimited success by READING and LISTENING PSYCHO LEARNING , way to unlimited success, happiness and inner peace!

You will become whatever you want to be throughout your entire lifetime. 

You will succeed in whatever you want to accomplish throughout your entire lifetime.

You will get whatever you want throughout your entire lifetime.


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Psycho Learning is the most modern, scientific proven method of programming information ( in this case: personal success methods ) in to subconscious permanently so that every personal situation is automatically responded to in the most effective and successful manner.

You become automatically successful, permanently programmed for SUCCESS!

Psycho Learning is frequently repeated reading and listening to the same personal success methods over and over again.

Remember that YOU only can program a personal success method in to your subconscious mind permanently by frequently repeated by reading and listening to that same personal success method until it becomes an automatic response.

The more often your subconscious is exposed to a success method- by reading and listening – the more effective and successful will be your  use of that method and the more automatic its use will become.

Psycho Learning notes  will be confined to and will concentrate on teaching how to use Psycho Learning to program in to your subconscious ALL personal success methods.

It is priced $ 87.90 ( Rs. 6493/- ) Now for $ 1 , ( Rs. 75 ) as a new year gift! 2021!



The secret of Psycho Learning is to READ and LISTEN all necessary personal success methods over and over again!

TEN times….a HUNDRED times….over and over again….as often as it takes to make ALL necessary personal success methods permanently register in to your subconscious. So your use of them will automatic.

Just reading is not enough….Just LISTENING is not enough.

You definitely must do BOTH. And you MUST READ and LISTEN to ALL necessary personal success methods….over and over again until every cell in your mind and body radiates success in your every thought and action. So that everything you think and do will automatically be successful for your entire lifetime.

Your using Psycho Learning READING and LISTENING to ALL necessary personal success methods over and over again will positively ensure that:

You will become whatever you want to be throughout your entire life time.

You will succeed in whatever you want to accomplish throughout your entire life time.

You will get whatever you want throughout your entire life time.


Personality Development Course

This is a success course to study and listen way to unlimited Success!

By studying and Listening these program, you’ll become whatever you want to be throughout your entire life time.

You’ll succeed in whatever you want to accomplish throughout your entire life time.

You’ll get whatever you want throughout your entire life time.

Lucky You!

Now it’s available in India for $1 ( Rs. 75)

You programme yourself for unlimited success by READING and LISTENING, Psycho Learning, way to unlimited success, happiness and inner peace!

M R Kopmeyer, President, Success Foundation Inc USA, worked, researched and studied forty years – that’s 40!- to make it available for your personal unlimited use throughout your entire life to:

  •      Eliminate Stress
  •      Take Control Of Your Life
  •      Create Fulfilling Relationships
  •      Improve Your Finances
  •      Eliminate Fear
  •      Boost Your Creativity
  •      Increase Self Confidence
  •      Stop Worrying
  •      Eliminate Negative Thinking
  •      Enjoy Inner Peace
  •      Succeed in Business
  •      Enjoy Better Health
  •      Meet the Perfect Partner
  •      Eliminate Negative Feelings
  •      Take Charge of Your Life
  •      Get a Better Job
  •      Secure a Promotion
  •      Create and alter situations to what you want
  •      Develop Personality


 What is Personality?

Understanding Yourself

Overcoming Shyness

Developing Good Communication Skills

Listening Skill


Building a Strong Self-image

The Art of Solving Problems

Developing a Good Self Esteem

Goal Setting and Planning for the Future


Plus hundreds more benefits –

Once you begin with the Psycho Learning you will create wealth, success, romance, build self-confidence – anything you want. You will also find your true calling, give your life meaning and have inner peace as you accomplish your goals. But in order to get the most out of life you must first understand how the amazing power of your mind works.

With Psycho Learning you learn to use ALL your powers. Every one of them begins working for you and you get what you want out of life sooner.



Session 1 Lesson 1  

In this first session, the author , quoting words of the world’s greatest thinkers, clearly explains why your life is, what your thoughts make it and how you become what you think. Then you learn in Lesson 1 to ‘Stand Tall’ physically, mentally and spiritually.

Session 2 Lessons 2, 3, 4

You learn Dr. William Osler’s stress-control method: live one day at a time. Then learn the  cybernetic ‘Guided Missile Method’ of researching your goal. Learn from Dr. William James of Harvard; how to get rid of unpleasantness. Then a leading problem solver teaches you how to solve problems easily.

Session 3 Lessons 5, 6, 7

You learn how to separate facts from opinions. Then how to use goodwill through  understanding, to blend differences in to a mutual, worthy goal. Learn the eight proven methods of ridding your life of all fear forever!

Session 4 Lessons 8, 9

You learn from two of the world’s greatest psychologists a “miracle word” which will get school children to study eagerly, cause your associations to lift you to success  and wealth…and much more! Then learn how to avoid getting “fed up” with irritating situations.

Session 5 Lessons 10, 11, 12

You learn how to form alliances for security and power. Then learn how to get rid of frustration, the cause of unhappiness, friction and aggressiveness in child rearing, school failures, marriages and business.

Session 6 Lessons 13, 14, 15

Learn a devastating emotional word for psychological warfare. Then learn to plant quarters and reap happiness. And learn to practice in your imagination so that you can practice perfection by mentally picturing it the way the champions do!

Session 7 Lessons 16, 17, 18, 19

Learn the two actions which assure survival. Then learn not to waste time and energy by “scrubbing the desk of a sinking ship”. Learn to be a quick forgetter. Do not re-thing past annoyances. Push your wheelbarrow upside down.

Session 8 Lessons 20, 21, 22

You learn to read the big invisible signs everyone wears which tell you how to get them do what you want. Then learn to count your blessings and add a happiness bonus. Learn the three easy ways to eliminate hate forever.

Session 9 Lessons 23, 24, 25

Learn the “gentle art of letting alone”. Learn to save happy memories. Learn personal magnetism! Learn to radiate a glow of personal attraction which is irresistible. Attract anyone!

Session 10 Lessons 26, 27, 28

Amazing learning method: “Be your own Ghost”.  Then poet Robert Forst teaches you two great lessons of life: (1)  Don’t build walls. (2) Choose your on road, but know you can never come back. Different people must learn that equality can not be given; it must be earned and deserved. Like superiority. A great President inspires you to “Press On”

Session 11 Lessons 29, 30

Learn how to get rid of resentment before it gets rid of you! Then learn the “Go / Give “ method of influencing others. How to get “IN” an organization to have “inside advantage”.

Session 12 Lessons 31, 32

Be prepared for change; it is certain to occur. And learn to talk your way to success, fluently, persuasively. Learn the foremost success method. ‘Ask you way to success. Use the Law of Averages; it will guarantee your success!

Session 13 Lessons 33, 34, 35

Learn to “talk your way to health” the foremost mental therapy. Then learn to listen your way to success! One of the greatest historians teaches you his profound discovery in history: “When it gets darkest, the stars come out”.

Session 14 Lessons 36, 37, 38

Want to perform miracles? Want to do the impossible? Learn the secret of hidden power in Lesson 36. Then learn from Lesson 37: “Laugh your way through life!” Then from Lesson 38: “It is right to do it wrong!”

Session 15 Lessons 39, 40, 41, 42

The requirement of leadership: “Walk toward danger”! Got a problem? Grapple? Never threaten another. He who threatens is the greatest danger. It pays to pay….. Attention.

Session 16 Lessons 43, 44, 45

Psychiatrists say that being lonely is caused by your not liking yourself! Learn Why in Lesson 43 and how to cure loneliness. Then learn a sure success method: “Find what’s wrong…..and fix it! And how: “success begins with three”.

Session 17 Lessons 46, 47, 48, 49

Lesson 46 teaches one of the most important and necessary lessons of life: “What to do when personal tragedy comes: four things you must do.” Lesson 47 teaches you how to triumph over difficulties. Then learn the amazing method: “Externalize Yourself: Don’t exist!” And learn the miracle method of disposing of your problems into Infinity!

Sessions 18, Lessons 50, 52, 53, 54

If you don’t like what you see in Life’s Mirror, don’t blame Fate. You caused you to be what you are, and you can change you. Lesson 51: “Inner Pace for Inner Peace” teaches you how to find your own inner pace and then proceed serenely through life at your own private pace, without hurry, without stress. Lesson 52: Why not be an Ostrich? Lesson 53: “Include Yourself In,” Lesson 54: Don’t just smile. Smile ANYHOW!

Session 19, Lessons 55, 56, 57

Billionaire   J. Pau l Getty’s two-word method for becoming a billionaire. Lesson 56: How to insure your success. Lesson 57: How to use your NOTHING COMPUTER which does nothing –successfully!

Session 20, Lesson 58, 59, 60, 61, 62

Physical, mental, moral permissiveness makes slobs. Lesson 59 explains a sure way to prevent atomic war. Lesson 60 teaches the beautiful, deeply emotional, unforgettable “Lesson Of  The Butterfly,” Lesson 61:  Whether you lean into or away from the inevitable storms of life will brand you as a leader or a coward. Lesson 62: “You Can Live Twice.” Or even four times!

Session 21, Lessons 63, 64, 65

A bad temper and mean disposition will make life miserable for you and those around you. Learn what to do when everything else fails. The Lesson 65 gives you the miracle power to control and lead all others. Take command!

Session 22, Lesson 66, 67, 68, 69

Learn that you must make progress or stand aside for those who do. Then learn the survival method in Lesson 67: “Stay In The Eye Of The Hurricane.” And in Lesson 68, learn self-motivation: “How important is it to you?” Then hold Lesson 69: “When there were no letters Santa Claus!”

Session 23, Lesson 70, 71, 72, 73, 74

Lesson 70 gives you a choice: “Are you chicken or eagle?” Lesson 71, Thoughts to build on: Your life is like a candle. But who lit it? And Why?” Lesson 72 : Make no little plans! Lesson 73 : Pressure creates resistance. And  irritation. But no sales! Lesson 74: There is abundance for everybody! Where’s yours? Why not NOW!

 Session 24, Lesson 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80

Lesson 75: How to stop violence. Lesson 76: “The Magic Word That Changes Things!” It can change your life! Lesson 77: How to prevent problems from overwhelming you. Lesson 78: Perhaps, the most beautiful lesson of all: “The Birds which had No wings”. Lesson 79: One of life’s greatest lessons:”Let It Rain” Lesson 80: “ Not By Bread-Alone.”


Flood you all-powerful subconscious with Psycho Learning the Art of Success!  Read and Listen to these success methods frequently, day and night, until they become a part of you! Think success! Look like a success! Act like a success! Constantly listen to the necessary success methods over and over until they become a part of you! Then you will BE a success! It’s easy to get started right NOW!

Get ready to enjoy the life you want.


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